Emerging Country Act Timmy Brown Gives A Glimpse of the "Good Life" with Debut Album Release

American Songwriters
“I don’t think the people back home really knew who I was, even though they had fun at my shows. I had success back then, but I didn’t know who I was either, or what I was doing,” Timmy Brown tells American Songwriter over the phone. Raised in Norton, Massachusetts, Brown started playing the piano a just four years old. From his childhood bedroom, the artist would play songs by ear. His parents, with their ears pressed up against the door, were in awe of his ability at such a young age. At 10 he was gifted a karaoke machine which he recalls “changed things.” 10 was the same age that Brown came to Nashville for the first time for his sister’s softball tournament, and set his sights on Tennessee.
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Timmy Brown Releases 'If You Were Here' About Late Grandma Who 'Kept Our Family Going'

Author: Darlene Aderoju

Timmy Brown is honoring his late grandma in a special way.

On March 5, the rising country star released his latest single, "If You Were Here." Throughout the emotional music video, premiering on PEOPLE Wednesday, photos of Brown and his family spending time with his beloved grandma can be seen in a gorgeous display.

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Coming off of his latest success, “Play It By Beer,” Timmy Brown is showing his sentimental side with his new single “If You Were Here." The single is a deeply personal song about Timmy’s grandmother. It takes the listener through a journey of loss and how some things will just never be the same. He wanted to release this song as a tribute to his grandmother and what she meant to his family.
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Timmy Brown Has to Watch an Ex Start Over in ‘Nothing to See Here’

The Boot
Author: Angela Stefano

Timmy Brown is ready to give a relationship another try in his new song "Nothing to See Here;" unfortunately for him, his ex has already moved on. Press play below to hear the track, co-written by none other than country star Chris Young and premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Young co-wrote "Nothing to See Here" with Joshua Gleave and Johnny Bulford. The song's protagonist heads to a bar -- one he and his former flame used to frequent, in fact -- hoping to find her and ask her to give their relationship another shot; instead, he finds her cozied up with someone new.

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TIMMY BROWN / "If You Were Here"
Writers: Timmy Brown/Joshua Gleave;
Producer: Josh Gleave;
Label: Independent
— This guy is a big favorite in New England, voted Male Artist of the Year in that region for five years straight. This resonant, nicely shaded production finds his hearty, charismatic baritone...

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