Thank You For Sponsoring

Built on the belief that organizations need not to sacrifice their mission and culture to in order to grow, the Inperium Affiliation model was established. When an organization affiliates with Inperium, it does not merge with Inperium. It remains the same legal entity that it was prior to the affiliation. We support and assist the affiliated companies to foster an array of quality services, financial diversity & continuity of care by maximizing all of our collective resources.

  • Mike Marshall
  • Steve & Andrea Davis

  • Timothy Tonello
  • Andrea Davis

  • The White Girls
  • Lisa Carney & Deb Westover
  • Lisa Guarracino
  • Jessica Trip
  • Russ & Judy Garber
  • Kim Howe
  • Maria Sherman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mollica
  • Ama Tonto